JUDY QUEEN, Missy Artzzz, Jotta Tee alias Jule Teufel – some names used in the past, the present and probably the future.

As a former doctor in the field of psychotherapy, I dealt with the main desires and conflicts of the individual in today`s society for some years.

Now, as a conceptual artist and pole performer I want to find new ways to visualize and express internal human processes, put them in a new context and deconstruct their significance. Embossed by the work of German humorist Loriot my main subject is the human in context of society and self-imposed constraints and demands.

Opening ARTZZZ Studio, I also want to showcase and celebrate art and artists, who`s work resonates with Artzzz Studio as a place of joy, humor and the absurdity of human madness.


Founded in 2023, the beautiful ARTZZZ Studio is a Neukölln-Style Gallery located right around the corner of Tempelhofer Flugfeld.

The Studio presents emerging and established international artists with an interdisciplinary focus to combine visual and performing arts at exhibitions and events. It is also the only gallery in Germany presenting Pole Art in a wide range of styles and performers.

The lively and turbulent neighbourhood of Neukölln is the perfect surrounding to push new ideas, get creative and test the boundaries of the established art scene.